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Action Sports – Superfly Parkour Feature on Mediacorp Channel 5

Superfly Monkey Dragons was featured in Episode 2 of a 9 part Documentary Series- Action Sports on Mediacorp’s Channel 5, along with other disciplines / sports like MMA, Gymkhana, Wakeboarding, and Motorcross.  Aired on 17th October 2013.

Here’s the write up on the program from Mediacorp:

“A highly-energetic and informative documentary special that is regarded by some to be the epitome of cool, but beyond the adrenaline rush and radical lifestyles. There is also Science and Technology. Action Sports will follow practitioners of Gymkhana, Parkour, Mixed Martial Arts, Wakeboarding and Motorcross as they share and demonstrate their passion for adrenaline-pumping, hair raising, heart stopping action!’

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