About Us

Derrick Vault

Our Mission

To build people and community through the dynamic discipline of parkour.”

We collectively seek to share this empowering physical discipline by providing quality experienced instruction with all who wish to develop and challenge themselves in a fun, co-operative and disciplined practice. Our carefully crafted sessions focus on strengthening your body, developing control,  co-ordination and balance thus providing a solid foundation to master the movements at your own pace.

You will develop your mind, body and spirit, under the guidance of our awesome team of instructors who represent some of the most accomplished traceurs in Singapore.  Classes are designed to accommodate people of all ages, fitness levels and experience. No matter what your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced – our classes are sure to be fun, challenging and satisfying!

Our Ethos

“Parkour is for Everybody.”

This is not about the people you think are crazy or daring. It is not about those who are more flexible, or those who are fitter. This is about you finding out about who you are.

This is about you learning how to dwell in possibility and creativity, seeing your environment in a different way, where there are no wrong ways, but new ways. This is about you loving yourself and each other, having respect, honesty and being a team. This is about hard work but also joy. This is about you expressing the simple things, the way a kid instinctively does.


Our Values

Leave No Trace – is about respect for your environment and your community. We believe in respecting training spots by leaving them as we found them, and maybe even better and cleaner than when we started. The mark of a good traceur is to leave none.

Have An Open Mind – So much of parkour training is mental. We choose to live in possibility and embrace the belief that we can do it. And then we will. We will not be set in our ways!

We Start Together, We Finish Together – Parkour is about teamwork. We will not finish an exercise until the last has finished with the first. In this way we are strong together, and hence stronger.


Be Strong To Be Useful. Être fort pour être utile.
This was the anthem of Georges Hébert (1875 – 1957), the founding father of the French military physical training that parkour takes its roots from. Without this, we can be said to be merely about big jumps and tricks – but with this, we are about making a difference. As the soldier, fireman or police sergeant trains to assist his loved ones, so do we. To be strong to be useful is to be useful when needed, to stand up to be counted! We believe in making a difference in the community – our training is for nought if we aren’t able to apply ourselves and make a meaningful contribution to our community – whether it be helping someone carry a load, or just showing kindness to another human.


Family is all that we are. We started as a group just training together, and we always will be. We believe in a safe and supportive environment for people to grow in, no matter where you’re from and who you are. We look forward to meeting you and having you a part of our growing family. Because everyone matters.

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