Hong Kong Adventure – Freespace Fest 2013

HK Freespace Fest

Let me take a selfie.

Well we’ve been busy!

Right on the heels of the Superfly Parkour Showdown at Suntec Convention Centre, suddenly we were flying off to HONGKONG (11 – 16 December).

Beautiful, if very cold weather for most of us tropical-sunny-island folk. Our UK friends Martin, Farid as well as Daniel Ilabaca said it was nothing compared to what they got back home though. Crazy.

After meeting up with everybody from the HK Parkour Association, we followed to the site where we would be performing the next few days. The structures were amazing, a complex, yet simple layout of many size boxes, connected with bars, and a huge scaffolding set-up that was awesome and challenging!

We went through all the preparations for the choreography rehearsal, and started crackin’ on! Endless hours of repetition, timing adjustments, movement studies, getting closer and closer to perfection. Two days later, there it was, a complete, clean, fun and enticing choreo that showcased Parkour and also spread a message of self-challenge and evolution.

During the rehearsals, Danny and his friends ran a Masterclass to the Parkour practitioners that came not only from Hong Kong, but also Nepal and Australia. Games were played, inner obstacles were overcome. It was a class to be experienced!

Saturday came, and it was gloomy. Still optimistic, we carried another rehearsal, and planned the workshops with people from the HKPA. But then it started raining. Truly. Really. First time in 3 months. We had to adapt!

We decided to improvise and just have fun, displaying our skills to the public that even with the wet weather, came in to see what we were doing, in an arena that was being shared with world class dancers and b-boys, that also greeted the public with good vibes and amazing moves.

Using the slackline Daniel installed in the event, we explored fear and balance at safe heights and padded floor, to the transients of the festival.

On Sunday we were amped. We needed to share all that hard work and preparation to the people. But it was still raining. So we adapted again!

It was amazing! We became a street performing crew, gathering the public, interacting, making them line up as WeiXiong flipped over them, people were excited, and so were we! We captured people’s attention and took them into our workshop, that involved a brief warm-up and a general introduction to movement.

The rest of the day was spent playing movement games between the performers, with everybody taking pictures and laughing, trying random moves in the rain, sliding on the canvas over the dancefloor…true Parkour lifestyle – making something out of nothing and living in the moment!

A Big Thank-you to the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority for having us, Viriginia for inviting us,  HKPA, Fung for the 5 star treatment, the Kowloon Freespace Fest Production Team, Michelle and C for all the love and patience, Keann for the good mood, Ashton for the smiles, and of course Daniel, Farid and Martin for their Love!

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About Keann C.

More than anything else, Keann Chong believes in living life. He was fascinated one day when he climbed up on a roof and realised that he could spend the longest time up here in plain view, looking down, because it was perfectly natural that nobody would look up, out of their daily schedule and commute. Some time after, he discovered parkour when invited to a beginner’s workshop conducted by the local community in Bishan. More than a movement and a way to keep fit - it is also his personal way of saying “I am not afraid of life” and “I choose to live in possibility”. This streetdance and parkour student is very interested in learning how to combine both his passions to put form to his feeling - he believes that the way you move is very much an expression and reflection of who you are.

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