Hanging Out at Lowercase – Action Sports Screening

Lowercase Gathering

Warm fuzzy feelings. All the feels!

So we got together last night at Lowercase – the newly refreshed cafe bar at Lasalle College of the Arts to watch Superfly’s feature on Channel 5’s new Action Sports series show!

It was an amazing gathering, with our ever present and revered good mood, smiles, and jokes!
We got there a bit earlier to enjoy an intimate concert by an amazing up and coming local talent. Such a great Thursday evening!

The documentary, all in all, transmits a very nice message about Parkour, and its practice.
This could not have happened without the precious help of our performance team, and of course, Siva Kumar, who directed it. To all of you, a huge Thank-you!

Have a look at our Facebook Album for some snippets of that evening! 


About Keann C.

More than anything else, Keann Chong believes in living life. He was fascinated one day when he climbed up on a roof and realised that he could spend the longest time up here in plain view, looking down, because it was perfectly natural that nobody would look up, out of their daily schedule and commute. Some time after, he discovered parkour when invited to a beginner’s workshop conducted by the local community in Bishan. More than a movement and a way to keep fit - it is also his personal way of saying “I am not afraid of life” and “I choose to live in possibility”. This streetdance and parkour student is very interested in learning how to combine both his passions to put form to his feeling - he believes that the way you move is very much an expression and reflection of who you are.

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