Learn 2 Flip Special Deal

New Learn2Flip Special Deal!

We’ve got a Learn2Flip Special Deal!

That’s right, another Learn 2 Flip course is near its start, and we still have some slots available.
Not only that, the Learn2Flip Special Deal is giving 10% Discount for past students for upcoming courses 11 and 12 
How can you say no to this? 🙂
If you haven’t been, our Learn 2 Flip Course is the most fun and safe way to learn how to master the foundation Flips!
Courses are conducted by national standard Gymnasts, and the gym is full of matts, pads, trampolines, literally the perfect playground to help you improve your movement!
Courses are held on Thursdays (8.30-10pm) and Saturdays (12.30-2pm)
So, if you wanna refresh and further hone your flippin’ skills or allow yourself to explore the world of tumbling, grab this opportunity NOW to avoid disappointment!


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