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Asia’s First Ever Parkour Festival. Right here in Singapore. Because you made it happen.

3 – 7 July 2013, Singapore. We knew this was going to be good, but we didn’t quite know how good. It’s been a whirlwind of a week…



From picking people up at the airport, to meeting all of you from different countries and backgrounds.

Leave No Trace

Picking up litter together in Yishun.

Having a lot of fun doing what we do and sharing the joy of speaking the same language – the art of movement.


Building our festival structures together.

Coming together as a team though we had barely met, putting our strength and creative ideas to good use, knuckling down to solve the hard problems together.

Jump Asia - Bishan

Daniel Ilabaca making a point in Bishan.

Letting us share with you our training spots in Singapore, showing you the bricks and streets we know as home.

Jump Asia - Bedok

When Asia came to Bedok.

Watching movies and short films at night – many of the works of art that inspired all of us to start doing what we do.


The very first iPKF3 – International Film Festival!

And finally…play.

Day 3!


A lot of play.







A whole lot of teamwork…


Take away our eyes and everyone is back to basics again.

And a whole lot of joy.


When the day got too hot and we all ran for the fountains.


Girl Power!

We want to thank YOU for making this week an amazing one with all the parkour memories! We already know that any other festival we have without our friends from Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia and the Philippines will not be the same. We miss all of you already.

Fountain Backflip

There is always more.

As we close this amazing chapter, we sit here tired but mulling…our dreams are always so much better when shared. They get stronger, grow further. And maybe even inspire new ones in other people. And that’s the best part, isn’t it? Always living in possibility.

Here is our closing video of the five days of Jump Asia, Singapore, 2013. Many good memories in here…especially of the closing night jam when we danced, beatboxed, made music, jumped, ran and revelled in being alive right now this minute.

We’ll see all of you at the next thing, and till then, train hard! Remember to be alive.
Now go.



About Keann C.

More than anything else, Keann Chong believes in living life. He was fascinated one day when he climbed up on a roof and realised that he could spend the longest time up here in plain view, looking down, because it was perfectly natural that nobody would look up, out of their daily schedule and commute. Some time after, he discovered parkour when invited to a beginner’s workshop conducted by the local community in Bishan. More than a movement and a way to keep fit - it is also his personal way of saying “I am not afraid of life” and “I choose to live in possibility”. This streetdance and parkour student is very interested in learning how to combine both his passions to put form to his feeling - he believes that the way you move is very much an expression and reflection of who you are.

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