Traceurs in Disguise Halloween 2012 @ GymKraft Opening 31st October 2012

After months of planning and construction in the last few weeks, GymKraft – the Extreme Sports Gym with Singapore’s first and only Parkour Facility will be opening on Wednesday 31st October – Halloween 2012!

As a special promotion, GymKraft are offering all day passes for only $15 – but only for the first 3 days of opening. Click on the link below to reserve your space for the specific days:

  1. Wed Oct 31st 2012
  2. Thu Nov 1st 2012
  3. Fri Nov 2nd 2012

The opening will also mark another first – Traceurs in Disguise  2012 (TID) the annual Halloween Parkour Jam in Singapore will be held at the new GymKraft Facility instead of the usual Clark Quay.  Its gonna be a great day of jamming and partying – parkour style:).

Remember this is a Halloween Jam! So put on your best costumes to rock the night!


The New GYMKRAFT Facility has over 7000 Sq Feet of training goodness! including the first specially built parkour facility and 12m high aerial silk structure. Gymnastics equipment include a competition 13 x 13m artistic floor, 3 balance beans, a parallel bar, and uneven bar and a set of rings.  There is also a big trampoline and a 10m long tumble trak!

GymKraft 3D Layout


About Derrick Siu

Derrick Siu is a tv host, voice over artist, emcee and tech head. After being introduced to Parkour by a friend in late 2011, Derrick continued to practice the movement form for a few months, including visiting one of the leading Parkour Schools - Parkour Generations in Bangkok, and connecting with and learning from Parkour Groups around the world in Brisbane, New York and San Francisco. Upon returning to Singapore, he decided to make a stronger commitment to the discipline by setting up regular training sessions with friends and so Superfly Monkey Dragons was founded on Wednesday 1st August, 2012. Derrick has since completed his A.D.A.P.T (Art du Deplacement and Parkour Teaching) Level One Parkour Coaching Certification from Parkour Generations. Growing interest in the classes lead to the formation of what is now the Superfly Monkey Dragon Parkour Freerunning Academy & Agency with a growing team of experienced traceurs and dedicated coaches including some of the most skilled traceurs and original Singapore Pioneers.

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