What is Parkour?


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Parkour : The New Art of Movement

Emanating from the combative obstacle course training carried out by the French Military, Parkour at the most elementary level is about learning to move from point A to B in the most effective way which includes overcoming obstacles in your path by jumping, climbing and passement (passing through).

Over the years as the discipline has evolved, it has embraced a more artistic flavour, providing the practitioner more freedom to express themselves through incorporating flips and other creative devices, making parkour not just physical discipline, but an individual expression of human movement.

Parkour Today

Parkour has become the new art of movement in our urban landscape.  Practitioners gain functional fitness and mastery of their body and mind.  Through body conditioning, developing balance and engaging both the mind and body one learns to jump, climb and overcome obstacles fluidly, gracefully and safely.

Why do it?

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