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Superfly Brick Mansions Parkour Jam 2014

On 19 April 2014, Superfly Monkey Dragons hit the streets of Orchard Road to set up the first-ever community jam in the middle of the city. We teamed up with Brick Mansions (B-13 Hollywood remake starring David Belle) film distributor Cathay-Keris, and set up a whole day of parkour activity, workshops and showcases for everyone!

Radio station HOT 91.3FM swung by to check it out, and we also had calisthenics people from Team Strong Silvers as well as streetdancers from Natasha Studio coming by to perform and have a good time.  It was a day to remember, with many traceurs from overseas coming to hang with the local community and many members of the public signing up to get a taste of the discipline that we love.

All things culminated in a dance afterparty at the end of the night, with hip-hop, west coast swing, breakdancers and freerunners tearing up the floor in front of The Grand Cathay Cinema.

Such a massive day. Parkour is for everybody, and we love seeing and making it happen. Here’s to more great things in 2014!

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