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Parkour Singapore – Superfly Monkey Dragons Parkour Freerunning Classes

The Superfly Monkey Dragons Parkour Freerunning Academy & Agency offers progressive instruction in the Philosophy and Practice of Parkour.

We collectively seek to share this empowering physical discipline by providing quality experienced instruction with all who wish to develop and challenge themselves in a fun, co-operative and disciplined practice. Our carefully crafted sessions focus on strengthening your body, developing control, co-ordination and balance thus providing a solid foundation to master the movements at your own pace.

You will develop your mind, body and spirit, under the guidance of our awesome team of instructors who represent some of the most accomplished traceurs in Singapore. Classes are designed to accommodate people of all ages, fitness levels and experience. No matter what your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced — our classes are sure to be fun, challenging and satisfying!

We have upgraded our website - please visit our current website here. Superfly.sg