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Inspire Tour Europe 2015

“Through the overflow of our hearts we move and experience freedom to express the joy and love from within”

It’s where it all started with movement. It’s where it all started for us with Parkour. It was so simple in the beginning, people did it for the love, the adventure and the friendship.

After spending the beginning of the year with Inspire Tour Japan in January, as well as spending a few days in Manila for 5 days for Inspire Inside Out, It was a natural progression for Derrick to join the tour that started it all – Inspire Tour Europe!

Derrick will be dropping in for 8 days during the month long tour that aims to spread the love of movement, whether it be parkour, slacklining, dancing or any other movement related art.  What began as an idea to inspire others by example and inviting all to join in the movement, has become a growing family of people from all over the world who share in not only the love of movement, but more importantly a movement to love.

Its an amazing time to spend time with amazing people, to learn new ways of moving and being whilst seeing new places and being exposed to new experiences.  Derrick looks forward to integrate these experiences and carry forward the good that Inspire Tour is all about.

To find out more from the people who make up Inspire check out our support fundraising page, click here.

To Register for the tour (only a few spaces left) click here




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