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Hong Kong Freespace Fest 2013

A collection of memories from all the participants of the Superfly Performance Team and HKPA (Hong Kong Parkour Association) that went down this past December 14-15th at the Freespace Fest in beautiful Hong Kong.

The Superfly Team was invited to be part of this multi cultural and multi artistic festival that showcased all kinds of arts. ¬†Kowloon’s Riverside was flooded with magic and art for a weekend, and despite being rainy, brought a lot of interested minds into the space.

It was great to meet up with the local Hong Kong Parkour community as well as seeing our good friend and Parkour legend, Daniel Ilabaca, who along with Martin and Farid from the UK and conducted a series of Masterclasses for the more skilled traceurs!

A performance piece was prepared with our Parkour friends from Hong Kong, however the weather surprised us with a weekend full of rain, so we had no other choice but to adapt and improvise, and were happy we were at least able to put on a show that dazzled the audience as well as couple of beginner workshops for the curious and adventurous!:)

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