Class Types

Night Class
There are so many different ways to train that we can’t fit it all into one class all the time.
We believe in building well-rounded traceurs that understand the importance of strength, stamina, technique and practical movement mentality! Superfly Monkey Dragons encourages all students to train in a variety of different classes if they can – here is a brief description of the different types of classes we have for you.

Bear in mind that everyone is welcome to every class! Beginners and intermediates may be broken up into different groups but will train in the same class, and young students are welcome at all our classes.


This is probably what you signed up for. The class serves as a great introductory experience for beginners looking to try parkour and is also a good place for more experienced traceurs to drill technique and combinations. Basic conditioning and strength exercises will also be introduced and practiced in the class.

Parkour Conditioning

Get up bright and early with us before work or school to build your body’s power, speed and flexibility – getting it ready for movement. This is an intense morning workout that is near-mandatory for serious traceurs and beginners alike.

Parkour Flow

Power and technique is all very important and completely useless if you cannot bring it to bear in a practical situation. Our Flow classes are where you put it all together – you will practice connecting movements and learning to see the world around you in a different manner. Usually on the weekends.

Parkour Family

Our family classes are to encourage parents and children to work out together! Come for a fun experience where you are encouraged to explore creativity and interact with your environment, while learning values such as teamwork and discipline.


The Superfly Team also gets up every Thursday morning at 7am to run beside the bay. Come and build your core stamina with us as we train together! A great experience for anyone looking to work on their endurance.

Learn 2 Flip

Everyone wants to learn how to do a flip. At our courses in partnership with the Raffles Gymnastics Academy, we have developed a safe and professional way for you to learn how. Front flip and back flip techniques are imparted by our national standard gymnastics coach, and students who have completed a full course are welcome to return in recurring courses to work on their form and technique.

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