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Superfly Monkey Dragons Parkour Freerunning FAQ

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The Superfly Parkour FAQ



  • How fit do I need to be to participate in a class?
    You can start from wherever you are at.  The classes are designed to cater for absolute beginners to advanced practitioners of parkour.  Many people believe they need to develop some fitness first before attempting to do a parkour class, but the truth is the best way to get fit for parkour is to practice parkour and participate in the many conditioning exercises that are part of our training.  So what are you waiting for? – head over to the class schedule and book yourself in!


  • Can girls attend your classes?
    Absolutely! Currently we have a few girls who are attending our classes regularly.  We would love even more girls to join in!


  • How old do I have to be to attend a class?
    Currently we are only accepting people 8 years and over.  If you are younger and would like to attend – get in contact via email or the feedback form and we will see what we can do.


  • I’m afraid of the high impact nature of the movements.
    Yes. .we totally understand.  In fact this was probably the main reason why our Founder, Derrick, never entertained the idea of doing Parkour, until he was accidentally exposed to a training session.  The truth is that most of the conditioning and training focuses on the opposite – being light and minimising impact.  Of course some of the bigger jumps, drops and movements inevitably will be of higher impact, however one should only attempt those after years of conditioning where the body has adapted and has learned to deal with such impact.  If you compare it to martial arts, you could say this is low impact, since in Martial arts your focus is to create maximum impact for lethal strikes.


  • Is it dangerous? Will I get injured?
    Well one can say anything is technically dangerous and has some inherent risk associated with it. Merely walking across the road can be dangerous.  The key to staying safe and minimising injury is to avoid the 3 most common causes of injury:
  • Attempting a movement that is way beyond your current capability,
  • Attempting to do a movement when you are already too tired, and
  • Not testing landing surfaces before attempting movements to check for any loose or unsecured objects – a common way to get twisted ankles – especially when training indoors at gymnasiums with mats slipping.

So the keys to staying safe are to:

  • Know your limits,
  • Know when your body and mind is too tired, and
  • Always check the stability of structures you are using in your movements.


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