Announcing the Brick Mansions Parkour Jam!

Superfly Brick Mansions Parkour Jam

We’re putting all the awesomeness in the same place.

We are so, so stoked for this!

Brick Mansions, the Hollywood remake of the original parkour movie District 13, releases worldwide on 25 April. (Premieres in Singapore on 23 April)

Yes, we get to see it before anyone else!

David Belle, the founder of our beloved discipline of parkour, returns to star in the remake of his own movie – taking on the Qui-Gon Jinn-like role of Lino to guide undercover cop Damien (Paul Walker) through the gritty crime district of Brick Mansions while personally kicking ass and taking names. Business as usual for David here.

Besides its breathtaking movement and fight sequences (done entirely without stunt wires), Brick Mansions is also notable for being the last feature-length film that beloved star Paul Walker completed before his passing in November 2013.

We are teaming up with Cathay-Keris Films here to organise one of the year’s biggest Parkour Jams on 19 April – we are setting up right outside the Grand Cathay! We’ll be bringing in massive block structures as well as scaffolding arrays, so don’t miss this chance to jam right in the middle of town. Our friends Natasha Studio will also be organising a b-girl dance battle on-site, so come and check that out! Special Guest Radio DJ’s will be down to co-host some of our segments. Double passes to the movie premiere will also be up for grabs!

Traceurs, this is a fantastic opportunity to share the discipline that we love with our friends and family. Open Jams start at 3pm, followed by Beginner Workshops and a My Way segment where you will get to share your interpretation of movement with the rest of the community. Stay tuned for details on how to register!

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Check out the movie trailer in the meantime! We can’t wait!


About Keann C.

More than anything else, Keann Chong believes in living life. He was fascinated one day when he climbed up on a roof and realised that he could spend the longest time up here in plain view, looking down, because it was perfectly natural that nobody would look up, out of their daily schedule and commute. Some time after, he discovered parkour when invited to a beginner’s workshop conducted by the local community in Bishan. More than a movement and a way to keep fit - it is also his personal way of saying “I am not afraid of life” and “I choose to live in possibility”. This streetdance and parkour student is very interested in learning how to combine both his passions to put form to his feeling - he believes that the way you move is very much an expression and reflection of who you are.

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