Action Sports Parkour Feature on Mediacorp – Channel 5


Superfly will be showing up this Thursday, 17th October, 9pm, on Channel 5, in a highly-energetic & informative Documentary Series Action Sports, focusing this week on Parkour/Freerunning in Singapore and Superfly Monkey Dragons!

A must watch for anyone who practises the discipline, and especially for your friends and family and general public who are still new to what this movement is all about! – do help get the word out and help us share this awesome discipline we know as Parkour!
Follow the whole documentary as we share our passion for Parkour, and watch out for some familiar faces from our classes and follow some of our students test their Parkour skills!
Can you guess who? 😛
Also some great action sequences with our Coaches and Performance Team, nice slow motions and good vibes!
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did being part of it!


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