OLLO Giveaway


As we wait for clearance from the warehouse, we decided to give you guys some FREE OLLO SHOES!
Yet another Superfly OLLO Giveaway, that will surely bring out your creative side to the table!

Here’s the deal:

Superfly Monkey Dragons will be giving away 3 pairs of OLLO shoes.
Download this intro animation to include as your official entry for this competition!
All you have to do is to create a video under one minute, where you introduce yourself, (Name, age, location), briefly explain why you want to win your own OLLO footware, and then take the rest of the time to showcase some of your skill! (Maximum 30 seconds)

Entries will be evaluated taking in consideration Creativity, Technique and Attitude.

Not too hard, right? 😛
Make yourself proud and take part in this competition, and you might just win your own pair of OLLO Shoes!
Entries close on the 31st October!

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