Because we want to deliver the best quality of teaching and help you make maximum progress, we will start working one movement a month, so you really focus and get solid in the movement.

October is LEG MONTH. You need to fill your mouth full of iron nails and say it to really get a feel for it.

To start this odyssey of refinement for the month of October we’ll be working on one of the most synonymous movements in Parkour – Jumping! We’ll be super focused on Jump Techniques and Conditioning your lower body.

The only way to become great at something is by repetition, and with this in mind, our goal is to build you up for evolution on a scale larger than “just for fun”.

Not just that, Our legs, apart from our core, are the most important part of our body, in terms of movement, so we want YOU to be prepared and conditioned.

Are you ready? We are 😛 Let’s Jump!


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