Conquer Flipping with Learn 2 Flip

Superfly Monkey Dragons

Learning to Flip has always been a dream for most of us. Something you always saw other people do. Too dangerous, or too risky. No place to train, maybe.

Consider our Learn 2 Flip Classes.

• The best place to practice and train ( Raffles Gymnastics )
• The best coaches ( National Standard )
• Progressive and thorough conditioning
• Great community of students to learn with and
• The SAFEST environment to learn how to conquer your fears and flip away!

Need I say more?

We have a couple  more Courses on the table, on Thursdays(8.30-10pm) and Saturdays (12.30-2pm), so better take advantage and book your place right now!
Check our Learn2Flip video!

Click here to book your slot! 


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