Superfly Monkey Dragons Turns One at our Anniversary Bash!

Superfly 1st Anniversary Bash

We celebrated our 1st Anniversary Bash at Amped!

Superfly Monkey Dragons turns one year old. That’s a whole year full of Parkour – new horizons, through training, personal victories. And this community has really grown. From groups of buddies coming in together to try something different to old hands, looking for friends and a good time, to a multi-ethnic family searching for freedom of movement and engaging more and more in this passion.

Last Sunday, the Superfly Monkey Dragons descended upon Tanjong Katong road, being promised a great mystery bash by Mr Superfly himself.

Reaching the location, we came across an old hawker centre and while hawker centres are nice… we hunted around until we found the stairs leading up.

We were not disappointed. Upstairs Alex R, Alex Lopes, Ian and Mariann were waiting for us at the entrance to AMPED, Singapore’s first trampoline park. And geez, the place is bananas! Amped is mounted full of interconnected trampolines, wall to wall! (actually – even the walls are trampolines!!)

After grabbing a t-shirt, everyone put their gear down and spent the next 3 hours doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Cartwheels, side, front and backflips, double entendre back wheel axles with a carburettor on top (look, if you really invent that, I want dibs on the name) and having an absolute blast jumping round the trampolines. Even a couple of kids were there, and those little dudes showed us how to loosen up and have fun!

New friends, high flying, experimentation and cheers at fresh techniques being accomplished – the atmosphere was indescribable. Put that together with the anniversary video and the huge + delicious chocolate cake, it doesn’t really get any better than this!

Thanks again to everybody that came, and to ALL of YOU who made Superfly number ONE in years and in quality!

Check the celebration video here!


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