Super Secret Superfly Announcement Soon!

Top Secret

Keep it quiet!

We’ve been working on a super special project since September and its finally coming to fruition. We are looking forward to share the details of this project in two Sundays at the Superfly BBQ Pool Party!

So make sure you be there to be the first in the know! And yes you’re welcome to invite your friends and family along – either register for them, or ask them to register themselves via this link.

Pool Party Poster

You know it.

It will be really great to see everyone again, and not just when we’re duking it out at training! Swing by and kick back by the pool – you, all your friends and family are invited.

Remember to RVSP by Friday 3rd May so we can make sure we prepare enough food for us all to enjoy a feast and great company!


About Keann C.

More than anything else, Keann Chong believes in living life. He was fascinated one day when he climbed up on a roof and realised that he could spend the longest time up here in plain view, looking down, because it was perfectly natural that nobody would look up, out of their daily schedule and commute. Some time after, he discovered parkour when invited to a beginner’s workshop conducted by the local community in Bishan. More than a movement and a way to keep fit - it is also his personal way of saying “I am not afraid of life” and “I choose to live in possibility”. This streetdance and parkour student is very interested in learning how to combine both his passions to put form to his feeling - he believes that the way you move is very much an expression and reflection of who you are.

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